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The earth has many secrets buried deep in the ground that has captivated man for their unique characteristics and spell-binding appearances, and diamonds are one of these objects. Diamonds usually appear in two forms, polished and unpolished. These unpolished diamonds are called rough diamonds due to their appearance, which is slightly unrefined. Just because they lack that identifiable clear and sparkling look does not mean they are less valuable. Rough diamonds are valuable assets that have created a large market for themselves. We have taken an interest in trading in these stones because we know there is a broad audience who recognize the beauty and value of these natural resources.

Rough Diamond collection

Looking through our diamond catalogue, you will find rough diamonds of several colour variations, including clear white, grey, pink, yellow, or green. Our product series also exhibits a diverse shape collection, ranging from oval, round, irregular outlines to geometric shapes such as hexagon and pentagon shapes. In addition to shape refinement, the carat quality ranges from less than 1 carat to over 8 carats. We offer a filter option to refine your search based on a pre-set budget so that you can find what you are looking for immediately. Make sure to browse our entire collection to discover new products. Apart from selling loose rough diamonds, we also make jewellery items with these attractive stones. Using a combination of rough diamonds and silver or white gold. Jewellery pieces include rings, necklaces, and bracelets. Suitable for any occasion, our natural jewelled pieces are fit for all walks of life and exude elegance and professionalism. Each item is unique and available in a limited quantity. Careful planning is vital in the designing process. Sketches are developed, and this is the foundation of the jewellery. Under the coordination of a team of experts, it begins with the process of molding the metal. We do it in such a way that the diamond is the true hero of the jewellery article. In the end, we execute every sketch to the best of our ability to make breath-taking timeless pieces that appeal to the heart. Many people say that “the jewellery picks you” not the other way!

Rough diamonds for sale

Our range of rough diamonds are all legally obtained and mined from the Earth in several different locations. They all share one similarity; they are all genuine and naturally occurring. They are immediately categorized based on carat, clarity, dimensions, and shape. We make efforts to broaden our sights and obtain diamonds from various countries to provide our clients with a wide assortment of options to purchase.

Our Story

Apart from being known for impeccable quality, we have been operating in the diamond industry since 1997. Initially dealing with Black diamonds, we evolved and now deal in almost all diamond types. Our passion for diamonds is the reason for our success and continued operations as a leading diamond business. People who are diamond collectors or colour-specific will find many attractive options. We make a conscious effort to continuously add new stones to our collection, keeping our customer’s requirements at heart. You can also get icy diamond, diamond beads on our web store.
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