Rose cut diamond

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The rose cut is famously recognized for the appealing design created on the surface of the diamond. The top of the stone features a designer crown that has several facets ranging from 3 to 24. Each facet forms a triangle which adds to the diamond’s appearance. The underside of the diamond is straight and flat making it easier to set in rings and necklaces. 


As a rose cut diamond manufacturer, we know how to maximize the beauty of a diamond. Our diamonds are available in several carat values ranging from 1 carat to 5 carats. We offer natural rough diamonds that vary in colour; white diamonds, black diamonds, and even icy diamonds. Being a customer-oriented business, we assure there are enough diamond options to suit every need and want. 


Buy Rose Cut Loose Diamonds

We offer rose cut loose diamonds for people who want to keep them as a collector’s item or to design your own jewellery. Our stones are carefully cut to assure they are the center of attraction for any jewellery design. Based on your requirements, you can pick from our wide range of rose cut diamonds. Various sizes can be found on the Shreediamond website that satisfies the desired look and price restriction. Our rose cut diamonds for sale are of different qualities. They are graded on colour, clarity, colour, and cut commonly called the four C’s. According to international diamond standards, they are graded and given a low price that anyone can afford. 


Our products

Our catalog features rose cut diamonds with different colours including yellow, cream, natural white, black. Each one looks unique and is a great investment for your money. Our diamond cutting process is done by industrial professionals who first plan and then execute the plans carefully to create appealing diamond cuts. Other products in our diamond catalog include beaded diamonds, loose diamonds, and rough diamonds. 


Why buy loose diamonds?

Loose diamonds are an attractive natural commodity. They also allow you to use them however you want to, keep them loose for their unique appearance, or make other jewellery products, the wish is yours. This is the biggest advantage of this type of diamond, something no other gemstones allow you to do. With your loose rose cut diamonds, you can pick and choose which stone will go where and you can even buy the stone that can be placed at the center of the jewellery design. This will allow maximum customization for anything you want to make using diamonds that feature rose cut.


About Us

Shree diamond is an esteemed manufacturer and dealer of black diamonds and other diamonds like white diamonds, rough diamonds, and icy diamonds. Operating as a diamond company in Surat, India we have many sources of diamonds. Catering to all needs, we are dedicated to bringing high-quality yet affordable prices to the Indian diamond market and the global diamond market. Buy black diamonds knowing that they are authentic and conflict-free mined from different parts of the world. All the products we deal in are natural and we take great care to inspect and check each item to assure their natural origin. We are also selling Emerald cut black diamond, marquise cut black diamondrough diamonds for sale, Cushion cut black diamond, Diamond beads, Icy diamond.

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