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Jewellery companies can buy Melee Diamonds from Shree Diamond, an esteemed Melee diamond supplier who has extensive experience in the diamond industry. We carefully select the best quality diamonds and offer them to our customers at the best market prices without misleading customers. Diamond trading is our passion and we aim to make sure we satisfy every diamond requirement imaginable. 


What are Melee Diamonds?

Melee diamonds can be described as tiny diamonds that are smaller than 0.5 carats in weight. These could range from half a carat to a thousandth of a carat. Melee diamonds are usually sold in a bundle of 100 pieces to satisfy the high demand of jewellery manufacturers and designers who offer custom diamond jewellery designs. Melee diamonds are used for assisting a larger diamond and increasing the value of the diamond jewellery it is used to decorate. Melee diamonds are not restricted in colour and a variety of colours can be found. Natural melee diamond colours include: pink, yellow, champagne, black, white, and many more different shades.

Melee Diamond Cuts

We offer white melee diamonds that have a unique sparkle and are original and naturally mined from various locations worldwide. You can rest assured that all our diamond white or black are authentic and conflict free. This is because all our mining partner suppliers are prescribed to the Kimberley Process system that assures no illegal diamond activities which helps to eliminate the illegal trading of diamonds.

Melee diamonds are offered in two main cuts. Based on your use and intended purpose, you can choose either type of melee diamond.

  • Single Cut

The single cut melee diamond consists of a circular girdle outline cutting style. This type of diamond will have around 17 to 18 facets. This cut will feature 1 table, 8 crown facets, and 8 pavilion facets, with the rare occurrence of a culet. These diamonds are very attractive and can be used to create a sparkly yet simplified decorative appearance on any jewellery or clothing item. 

  • Full Cut

The full cut is very different from the single cut since there are many more facets which makes them look more complex and attractive. The full cut melee diamond is a round brilliant cut that has 57 or 58 facets. It has 32 crown facets, 24 pavilion facets,1 table, and the usual presence of a culet. These melee diamonds are much more lavish and used on more expensive jewellery items like engagement rings. 

Applications of Melee Diamonds

Melee diamonds can be an important resource for diamond jewellers and clothing companies around the world. This type of diamond is known to bring out the attractive element of anything they are used to decorate. 

  • Jewellery designing as assisting diamonds
  • Clothing decorations (wedding gowns)
  • Luxury watches
  • Designer brand clothing
  • Hair and nail accessories
  • Mobile phones and covers
  • Limited edition merchandise 

Bulk Melee Diamonds for Manufacturers

Diamond Jewellery manufacturers will be happy to hear that we offer melee diamonds in bulk quantities to fulfill their requirements for designing and manufacturing diamond jewellery. Our diamonds can be purchased directly from our website in various quantities of 10 or 100 pieces per order. 

Where to use Melee Diamonds?

Melee diamonds could be used instead of larger diamonds. They reduce costs and can be bought in bulk. It takes great technical discipline to use these very small melee diamonds in anything. These are various places where these diamonds can be used to amplify the appearance of your product. 

  • Diamond Jewellery Industry

Melee diamonds are best used in diamond jewellery. They can be used as assisting diamonds to accompany a bigger diamond. Engagement rings can have these diamonds set in the ring band to add extra sparkle.

  • Fashion Industry

Branded fashion houses can make limited edition clothing lines that feature melee diamonds. You can also use these small diamonds to decorate bridal wedding dresses and the associated accessories. This makes a lavish more appealing look to an otherwise plain dress. Women love diamonds and would be drawn to diamond studded gowns for important occasions. 

  • Designer Watches

Watches are an attractive accessory applicable for both men and women. Various watch brands have begun incorporating diamonds into their watch designs to create an exclusive designer watch that is very different from all the other watches on the market. These limited edition pieces are available all over the world based on your requirements.

Other products

Apart from specializing in Melee diamonds, we also offer a range of other diamond products that can be used in various industries. You can buy Black Diamonds directly from our website as well as Icy Diamonds and Rose Cut Diamonds. Jewellery manufacturers can buy Rough Diamonds and polish them however they want. 

Coming to diamond cuts, we Shree Diamond offer the most common cuts like Round Cut Diamonds and Oval Cut Diamonds. You can also buy rare diamond cuts such as the Trillion Cut Black Diamond which is highly appreciated in women’s diamond jewellery. 

Advantages of Buying online at

Shopping online from the comfort of your home is the best way to shop now, and forever. Here are other salient features of shopping online through the Shree Diamond website. 

  • Variety of diamond/black diamond products
  • Fast efficient shipping
  • Reasonable prices
  • Safe courier partners
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Shop from home
  • Real-life product images
  • Conflict-free certified diamonds
  • Available 24/7
  • Effective customer support

For value that you can trust, buy from a trusted Black diamond supplier that knows your requirements and can cater to these requirements without failure or compromising on quality. Deal with experts that provide efficient diamond products for the international diamond market.

Why buy from Shree Diamond?

Shree Diamond, established in 1987 is a trusted diamond dealer that deals in only the finest quality diamonds that pass certification requirements passed by GIA certified black diamond. Providing a wide variety of products while still keeping prices to a minimum, we take pride in making sure each customer gets exactly what they want at a reasonable price that is affordable for people from all walks of life.

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