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Renowned as the world’s most famous diamond cut, round-cut black diamonds offer better clarity of the stone. Other cuts do not clearly show the natural beauty of this phenomenal resource the earth has given us.

Black diamonds are a rare entity that has garnered the interest of many people globally. Known for its unique appearance that is very different from their transparent white diamond counterparts, the market has grown to establish a steady supply to accommodate the demand for black diamonds.

Gemological Institute of America (GIA), established in 1931 is responsible for diamond grading regarding the four C’s: Carat, Cut, Clarity, and Colour. Cut determines how much light is reflected from the diamond. The round brilliant diamond cut is asymmetrical and possesses 58 facets. Facets are defined as the faces of the stone (the largest facet being called the “Table”), and the size and placement of these faces affect light reflection. This amplifies the clarity and allows maximum light reflection which affects three properties of diamond cut.

The properties affecting cut quality are:


Brilliance is directly linked to the shining quality of a diamond due to the reflection of white light. Deeply affected by the polish finish, impurities inside the stone called inclusions will obstruct this light. Outer imperfections also reduce the brilliance of the stone by introducing shadows blocking light. Round cuts are generally known to have greater brilliance than other exotic shaped diamonds. This is why these are the best investments for your money. You can also buy Icy diamond and round cut diamond beads from our online shop.


Light is made out of rays of different colors and wavelengths. When light enters a diamond, if the cut is appropriate, and the light is reflected properly a ray of several colors of rays is visible. This property is called “fire”. Fire is best observed in a dark room where there are minimal light sources available.


This refers to the arrangement and number of light rays reflecting back at the observer. This quality is responsible for that “sparkle” element every one associate with diamonds. The scintillation of a diamond is highest when a large amount of light is entering the diamond.

It is a mixture of fire, scintillation, and brilliance that determines the ideal diamond cut. Additional elements that also play a role are polished and diamond size. No matter what, Round Cut Black Diamonds is an assured way to spend your money so that your money keeps its value!

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