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Black diamonds are our main product and so it only makes sense that we Shree Diamond explore all aspects and prospects of black diamonds. 

Our range has a special place for Kite Cut Black Diamonds. These diamonds sport untraditional looks that make any jewellery made from them appear elegant and more valuable than they are. They are becoming a popular choice for people who design their own jewellery to give it a personalized feel. We offer natural Black Kite Cut Diamonds that are legally obtained and of the highest quality while still being affordable by all customers. 

What is Kite Cut Black Diamonds?

The Kite Cut Diamond bears a unique shape and cut that makes it look like a kite. This shape appears as an elongated triangle. The kite shape or cut is loved since it appears to show the typical side view of a diamond. They can be easily left plain for a graceful look or can be placed alongside other diamond shapes. Either way, they are the easiest way to enhance simple jewellery designs and find use in any aspect of black diamond jewellery.

Applications of Kite Cut Black Diamonds

These are all the places that our Kite Cut black diamonds can be used to add value and sparkle to your products. This mostly applies to jewellery makers and luxury watch brands but can also be used in the textile market for making designer clothing.

  • Rings 

Due to their long shape, we advise Kite Cut Black Diamonds as accompanying diamonds. Their most valuable role is forming a side stone for rings as their long design can decorate the ring while still adding value to that jewellery item. This Kite cut can also be used along with diamonds of other shapes and sizes. 

  • Necklace pendants

Putting four or five Kite Cut Black diamonds together makes a star. This is the easiest and most economic way of producing such a shape. This star shape can be used as a pendant design on necklaces and other customized jewellery designs. This combination of Kite cut diamonds have extensive use in luxury items and even in clothing as a decoration.

  • Earrings

Earrings that feature Kite Cut diamonds as solitaire diamonds are hard to find and worth the price. They show off the full beauty of this exciting cut by making them the sole hero of the jewellery piece without the need of any assisting diamonds. 

  • Black Diamond Collectors

People who are interested in black diamond collecting can add this unique cut to their collection. The Kite Cut is very different from all other diamond shapes and is truly a collectors item that you will be proud of owning. 

Our Kite Cut Products

Shree Diamond is a professional Black diamond dealer with expansive diamond experience of 45 years. Apart from dealing in Black Diamonds, we also provide quality Icy Diamonds, and Rough Diamonds to our clients worldwide. In addition to these loose diamond options, we have a range of readymade Diamond Beads necklaces and bracelets. 

Benefits of Buying from Shree Diamond

Shree Diamond is an experienced diamond seller, so we know exactly what prospective diamond buyers are looking for. Here are some benefits customers get when buying from us.

  • Wide range of assorted diamonds
  • Lowest prices
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Exceptional value for money
  • Product satisfaction 
  • Conflict-free diamonds
  • 100% Natural diamonds
  • Safe and fast shipping services
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