Emerald cut black diamond

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Need some standout jewellery for special occasions or professional pieces for dailywear to the office? Shree diamond has assorted emerald cut black diamonds that are perfect for any occasion, their true purpose is to enhance your appearance. We are renowned for quality black diamonds that stand out from our competitors due to the attention we apply on natural appeal. Being a black diamond dealer and manufacturer in India, we are aware of the full extent and scope of the global black diamond market. We aim to provide high quality stones for a wide range of prices fit for all our clients to afford.

What is Emerald cut?

Emerald cut is a rectangle shape that is elongated to appear more attractive. The edges of the diamond are cut into chiseled steps that make it suitable for any jewellery item. The facets are linear and each facet makes for a perfect glance with full light. Unlike most other diamond cuts that exhibit brilliance, the emerald cut black diamond we offer displays steps that feature a characteristic rectangular shape. Their ends are usually tapered to avoid any damage being done to the edges. This emerald cut is particularly attractive when placed laying across in a fancy ring setting. This emerald cut is chosen instead of cushion cut due to the attractive element introduced by the modern and smoother edge craftsmanship. 


Black diamonds are better than white diamonds

Black diamonds are rarer than white diamonds, making them more of an attraction than any other gemstone. Black diamonds can be used in rings, necklaces, beaded diamonds, earrings, or even kept as loose black diamonds for diamond collection. Only found in a few countries where they are mined, black diamonds have a unique look that look almost impossible. 


We take great care to ascertain the location and authenticity of our black diamonds. All our products are legally obtained and graded according to international standards provided by Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Carefully crafted, our diamond experts take great care in making sure every black diamond is cut to display its true appeal in the best light. 


Our products

We offer a wide variety of carat values to assure everyone can find an emerald cut black diamond that fits their requirements and their budget. Each diamond is cut carefully using a fine design template and a steady hand. Together the results are exceptional. Each black diamond is natural and not artificially made, so buy assured knowing that you are getting the maximum worth of your money. Apart from black diamonds, our full diamond catalog also contains loose black diamonds, rough diamonds, and icy diamonds. You can find them in jewellery like necklaces and bracelets, or loose. Buy our loose diamonds at the lowest price as they can be used to design your own jewellery designs. You will be spoilt for choice since we have several coloured diamonds to buy.


Dealing with Shree diamond is easy since we offer low prices that can be paid easily with simple and convenient payment methods. You can also get diamond beads Necklance, Icy diamond, cushion cut black diamond, Marquise cut black diamond.

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