Cushion cut black diamond

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Shree diamond Mfg offers high quality Black diamonds that are equally as valuable as white diamonds. Elegant and powerful, our black diamonds are perfect for making a statement. Available in loose black diamonds or in jewellery, they make the most attractive central element to gain admiration from peers. Capable of being paired with any colour clothing, they can be daily wear for the office or occasion wear for auspicious occasions that require high-end jewellery. Both men and women can benefit from wearing black diamonds as they enhance the appearance of anyone who wears them. You can buy loose cushion cut black diamonds and design a ring, necklace, or bracelet, according to your imagination and requirements. 


Cushion Cut Diamonds At our website

Several diamond cuts exist to highlight the appeal of the diamond, each one stands out in their own way and is suited to a specific purpose. The cushion cut diamond features a square shape that has all edges rounded to maximize the attractive element. The maximum amount of facets can be found in this glamorous cut. The way in which we cut these diamonds allows more reflection of light from the surface. This gives rise to a metallic sheen that sets it apart from other diamonds. Black diamonds are unique and unlike any other natural resource the Earth offers, this cut makes sure to lay emphasis on this fact. 


Are Black diamonds real?

Black diamonds are genuine diamonds that exhibit a dark black colour due to the large amount of inclusions of graphite in their structure. These internal impurities are enough to turn the stone completely black in colour. Just like white diamonds, these black stones are real gemstones with a natural development mechanism. Black diamonds are rare as they do not occur naturally throughout the world and only a few countries serve as natural reserves for these valuable entities. A black diamond can also be made artificially but are not as good looking as natural black diamonds. 


Affordable prices

With our prices, anyone can own a black diamond and this is a reality for everyone. Gone are the days where diamonds were a status symbol that could not be reached by the public. Our low prices assure that you can buy the black diamond of your choice. Apart from low prices, we differ from our competitors by offering high-quality black diamonds that look premium. Regardless of financial restraints and budgets, there is a wide assortment for every price bracket. Choices will be endless when you have a look at our website shreediamondmfg that caters directly to other diamond types for collectors or jewellery makers. 


About Shree diamond Mfg

Established in 1987, Shree diamond Mfg is an exporter, importer, seller of rough and polished black diamonds. In connection with the Kimberly process certification scheme, all diamonds obtained by us are legally obtained and are not associated with conflict diamonds and any other illegal mining activities. Our sole purpose is to market an assortment of diamonds including black diamonds and icy diamonds to the public.  You can also gia certified black diamond, icy diamond, Diamond beads, Cushion cut black diamond, marquise cut black diamond, black loose diamonds  at our website

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