Marquise cut black diamond

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Originating in the 1800’s marquise cut diamonds can also be called the navette diamond shape. The ideology behind this shape was to represent the shape of the lips. These stones have an elongated appearance characterized by two pointed ends that grace this narrow stone. People favor this shape as it gives the illusion of a larger diamond size with its tricky facets. A total of 58 facets appear on the surface of this diamond making it more appealing to the eye.

Marquise Cut Black Diamonds: 

The marquise black diamond looks best in any jewelry especially rings. The reason for this is their shape makes your finger look slimmer and longer. The marquise can be placed either upright or lying down. Create a ribbon design by placing several marquise black diamonds at an angle from each other. Acting as the perfect accent stones, the marquise cut diamond is the perfect companion for any setting in a ring.

Diamonds no longer just refer to white diamonds. Black diamonds have been launched on the international diamond market, their presence is being felt in the high demand for them globally. Black diamonds in India are a new trend that has gathered many admirers. Providing new scope for diamonds, it has created a large market.

Black diamonds are very different from white diamonds in both appearance and chemical characteristics. These stones get their unique black colour due to the presence of several graphite inclusions. This does not decrease the value of the stone since rare black diamonds are scarce and can only be mined in a few countries.

What Makes Black Diamonds Different?

All diamonds regardless of colour are natural phenomenons created by process occurring in the earth’s crust. White diamonds are renowned for the sparkle as light hits its surface and is reflected back to the eye of the viewer. This is not the case with black diamonds and they have a different type of shimmering light surrounding them. Creating a completely different aura, black diamonds appear in many forms such as black diamond beadsrough diamonds, and many other options to satisfy any requirements for flashy diamonds or simply sophisticated diamonds for daily wear. 

Our Products:

As an established online diamond retailer, Shree diamond takes pride in making sure our black diamonds are 100% genuine and conflict-free. Legally obtained with the highest quality, all our diamonds are natural and graded according to the regulatory standards.

Apart from beaded black diamonds, we deal in rough diamonds, icy diamonds, and several different diamond cuts such as round cut, pear cut, heart-shape cut, oval cut, emerald cut, princess cut, and many more. We cater to each individual need as our clients are our most valued asset and we aim to satisfy every requirement that may arise.

The Marquise cut black diamond, We offer come in a variety of carat value and we guarantee they will fit all budgets, large or small. Buy assured knowing you are getting the best value and lowest price for your black diamond.

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