What is a raw diamond

raw diamond

The diamond manufacturing procedure starts around 90-140 miles under the planet’s surface. So what’s a rough diamond, and why is it that we insist on purchasing the polished and cut version?


rough diamond

A diamond crystal comprises just 1 material, carbon. Trace elements of different things might be present but in tiny amounts. It’s these trace components that could give diamonds their color. Regardless of the age-old fantasy, however, coal plays no role in the introduction of diamonds. Rather, intense heat and pressure deep in the ground induces carbon atoms to fuse together at a really particular arrangement. These cool fast and crystals type. These crystals are that which we understand as diamonds.

There are essentially two sorts of rough diamonds, gem industrial and quality. Technically, there is a third, but they’re really only the weakest quality industrial diamonds that wind up as dust from super-abrasive applications.

Rough diamonds generally resemble bumps of light-colored glass. They frequently have an oily look and do not sparkle. Hardly any rough diamonds are in reality gem quality.

Before we say anything else, the odds of you finding a diamond that is tough whilst outside on a walk is roughly a thousand to one. Surface or diamonds are very rare and only occur in infamous diamond mining locations. But, that does not mean you are never going to see one.

Rough diamonds are getting to be more and more popular for use in jewelry in their normal state. Because of this, some shops now stock them available. The dilemma is it’s not necessarily easy to distinguish a rough diamond out of items such as granite or perhaps colored glass without understanding what to search for. The simplest test is that the scratch test. In case a presumed rough diamond could be scraped by anything besides the other diamond, then it’s fake.

Another mineral most often believed to be pearl is quartz. The sole mineral you can definitely use to check the hardness of a diamond is a bit of corundum. But, you can purchase corundum crystals for analyzing, rather inexpensively. In the event the rough diamond offer could scratch the corundum, then it is definitely a diamond.

By default, whatever can not scratch corundum isn’t a diamond.

rough diamond

Pros who understand how to get the maximum yield from a rough diamond, have a good deal of time and attention within the preparation and cutting-edge. In practice, less than 50 percent of the initial rough diamond is going to wind up in the glistening rock. Since the only pearls could cut diamonds, two stones have been utilized to cut every other simultaneously. Computers and lasers have significantly enhanced the cutting procedure to a place where it’s remarkably accurate.

Since it can take around 8 hours to reduce down a 1ct diamond, the purchase price of polished stone is large. Rough diamonds are in reality much less costly. you can also have icy diamond on our website.

Purchasing a rough diamond:

buy rough diamond

When we were to inform you that you can purchase a diamond that is rough in F color and VS1 clarity for approximately $150 per day, that would be good, right? Well, it is surely possible by shopping. Should you do it with the aim of subsequently sending the diamond for polishing and cutting, you might wind up disappointed. Rough diamonds, essentially, include no promises of quality. Everything you purchase may in fact wind up affording very little in the manner of a standard cut diamond. Variable at a cutting edge fee of about $120-$150 per carat, and you will find shortly doubts regarding whether it is a risk worth taking.

However, there’s great news. Most rough diamonds accessible in shops and online won’t ever come to be a cut diamond.

Irrespective of the intended goal, you always should be certain that the rough diamond you purchase is Kimberley accredited. This ensures that it’s been sourced, as well as a bead smuggled for the purpose of financing civil war.

The typical ideas of how to decide on a diamond in an engagement ring change with tough diamonds. Due to the non-uniform character of the contour, every ring set matches a single diamond.

Sometimes, some are shaped somewhat in order to be more useable, however, no faceting or polishing happens. One of the goals is to conserve any colors happening in the organic crystal.

Prong preferences are a fantastic method of displaying rough diamonds. Without a cut or clarity to be concerned about, having the ability to find the whole crystal is really positive.

Rough diamonds, despite being basically identical in every way but look, are extremely reasonably priced. This is helping fuel the tendency for demanding diamond engagement rings. you can also use icy diamond at a low price.


As idle audiences, we seldom see diamonds in anything aside from their closing polished.


rough diamond black

The largest rough diamond ever discovered was also among the most unsatisfactory. A whopping 3,167 carats, the Sergio was just fit for industrial usage and has been broken up so as to use.


The Great Star of Africa is your biggest clearcut diamond on earth, in 530.4 carats, also arrived in the Cullinan.

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The final pillow cut diamond weighs 128.54 carats and contains 82 aspects, 24 over is ordinary. Founded by Charles Tiffany in 1879, firm gemologist George Kunz analyzed the rough diamond to get a year before beginning cutting.


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Although by no means the largest, the Taylor-Burton is still among the most renowned diamonds ever. Initially weighing 241 carats, famous diamond trader Harry Winston cut into a 69.42 pear form in 1966.

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