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Top 24 Diamond Beads You Should Consider Buying


Diamond beads are characterized with circular or semi-circular beads meticulously arranged on a strong string. This piece of jewelry can work both as a necklace and a bracelet. They have become very popular as a fashion accessory for both men and women.  Diamond beads have exposed a new market niche for unisex jewelry.    Beaded […]

Top 25 Most Expensive Jewellery Pieces in The World

Over the years’, diamonds have grown to become objects adorned by both men and women for their natural beauty. It is this unequalled beauty that usually gives these items their high prices. A certain diamond is judged according to several parameters. These include clarity, cut, colour, carat weight, etc. The higher the purity and quality […]

What is a raw diamond

raw diamond

The diamond manufacturing procedure starts around 90-140 miles under the planet’s surface. So what’s a rough diamond, and why is it that we insist on purchasing the polished and cut version? ROUGH DIAMONDS A diamond crystal comprises just 1 material, carbon. Trace elements of different things might be present but in tiny amounts. It’s these […]

Icy diamonds explained: All you need to know

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Everyone thinks, icy precious stone mechanical jewel or shading upgraded diamonds? The Answer Is A Big fat No. They are 100% characteristic icy precious stone accessible in their most perfect structure out of the Earth’s outside layer. The cutting and cleaning of those diamonds are equivalent to their white jewel partners. All things considered, those […]