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Flawless translation, Thank you. So much sparkle in such tiny stones.

Kat vivian / Australia

The seller has top quality customer service, I would definitely recommend them.

Martin Kuster / Switzerland

Amazing custom made 1 ct champagne ring! Very low price! 👏🙏💎❤️

Victoria Weisse / United States

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What is a black diamond and how the diamond becomes black?

First of all non-black color is changed into black via inclusions or by color treatments. Most of the black diamonds become more dark or green, so it becomes non-transparent.

It just not becomes black by inclusions or any treatments, its long process, and they are mostly used as stones in rings and it has given an amazing look in the ring.

Most of the Western country have added black diamond as an essential part of the wedding, every wedding happening in the western country have 10/8 have a black diamond as a wedding ring or stone.

Now customer need has changed what they used to buy in 19’s and now in 21’s everybody needs a black diamond, and we have almost all kinds of black diamond-like round-cut black diamond, baguette black diamond, cushion cut black diamond, Asscher cut black diamond, and many more.

There are also some natural black diamonds where high luster gives the diamond metallic look, and in general, these diamonds are hard to polish and cut. Natural black diamond requires high care.

Natural black diamonds
Typically are completely opaque, with a high luster that gives the stones an almost metallic appearance.
And because these diamonds are so heavily included, cutting and polishing them can be difficult. They also must be set with great care.

We also have gia certified black diamond at our store.

What is gia certified black diamond?

Gia certified black diamonds are basically an independent non-profit organization where you can send your diamond and get your diamond certification and values of your diamond.

Are you looking for gia certified black diamond?

Don’t worry, we have gia certified black diamond, and we are one of the most trusted Gia certified diamond sellers in India, USA, UK,. You can buy it at wholesale prices.

You can use these diamonds to make engagement rings, wedding rings and necklaces, and many more things.

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We are also selling an ICY Diamond, Rough Diamond, Diamond beads rose cut diamond, salt, and pepper diamond at wholesale price.